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My journey in the classroom began in the early 1990s teaching X.25 and other ancient protocols when working as a trainer at Sprint. When a free week came along, I landed in an American Research Group (ARG) TCP/IP classroom as a student. Not knowing the topic, I thought it would be fun to learn. By day 4, the trainer encouraged me to start my own company to teach Asynchronous Transport Mode (ATM), which I did not yet know.

My experiences with ARG (which became Global Knowledge) had me traveling extensively in the US and Canada. Teaching ATM and other networking courses led to a call to write a secure networking chapter for the (ISC)2 SSCP course. Less than a year later, I was teaching CISSP for (ISC)2, Training Camp, and Firebrand for the better part of the next two decades.

I traveled the world teaching CISSP to a variety of customers: NSA, CIA, DHS, FEMA, Motorola, Novell, Microsoft, Cisco – to name a few. Then the pandemic grounded us all.

Tactical Security Inc. began when Mark Williams, Mike Beevers and I partnered to better respond to customer needs. We supported each other, backed each other up and better responded to customer needs all over the globe. For 16 years we worked together terrifically, wrote courses, performed penetration tests, audits and even wrote a book.

The opportunity to lead Tactical Security into new ventures became apparent during the pandemic as our work lives changed. Today, you can find my books on Amazon or my store here, recorded courses on Udemy and helpful videos on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Information security is more important now than ever before. CISSP, CISM, CCSP certifications are at the forefront of what it means to keep a job, or move on to a newer job.  Employers value certification because it forces a continuous expansion of knowledge as well as many contracts have staff certification requirements.

Now is your time to be certified and I can help. You can benefit like thousands of others because live classes are small, questions are responded to quickly, and instructional costs are competitive. The opportunity to learn from your location at flexible times has never been better.
I can help you break complicated topics into understandable pieces and get the certification you need. Connect with me on social media (LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, X, Threads) or here to learn more.

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Companies of all sizes are at the forefront protecting their systems and data.


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A World of People Inspired to Learn.

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